AIG Academy Connected

AIG remains strong in our commitment to providing you with access to informative and insightful industry education sessions.

AIG Academy Connected is a series of webinars that we have designed to share knowledge and insights about the topics, products and services that are important to you and your clients.

Understand Financial Cyber Threats

By increasing the dependency of governments, businesses and individuals on internet connectivity and remote working technology, the crisis has made us increasingly vulnerable to new variants of financial crime and cyber attacks from both non-state and state actors.  

Combustible Construction Materials

Different trends within the construction industry are shaping the risk scenario of the future. Learn how to minimize risk exposure when building, and how to mitigate risks of existing buildings.

Crisis Solution

Recent incidents in the Nordics focus attention on kidnap, ransom and extortion risks. Learn how a joint approach to risk management and corporate security will reduce organizational exposure to these risks.

Marine Loss Control

Personal touch together with modern technology that can make the difference in your transport and logistic. There are many measures a company can take to reduce the risk of losses during a transport improving risk. How can new technology be applied in transport loss prevention. 

Financial Interest Clause

What a Financial Interest Clause does and doesn’t do. 

ADR exposure

Nordic companies with American Depository Receipt (ADR) programs can be subject to significant US securities litigation exposure. Many Nordic companies do not know the kind of exposure they can be facing or the consequences of having an ADR program.