Aviation and Aerospace

Aviation & Aerospace Insurance

AIG Nordic aerospace team has a deep understanding of local legislation and market conditions.  

We combine global reach with local expertise in all aspects of risk management and claims, and for all types of aerospace risks, from small aircrafts to mayor airports and local airlines. The local team works with the whole AIG network as an integrated solution. 

65 years strong

Over 65 years dedicated to meeting the insurance and risk management needs of airlines, airports, general aviation and associated activities.

Claims commitment

We have experienced local claims representatives across the world to give immediate support quickly. Protecting our clients’ name, reputation and their customer base is our focus, working quickly and efficiently towards a comprehensive and innovative solution.

A trusted partner

Together AIG Aviation teams insure 80 % of the world’s major airlines, airports and manufacturers, along with over 5,000 aircraft each year.

Risk Management & Loss Control

AIG has a global network of over 500 engineers as well as a specialist safety and risk management control team. We work with our clients to ensure they have a solid foundation on which to build their own safety programmes, and improve operational risk within their business.


Who is it for

Airlines, general aviation, airports, manufacturers, distributors and aerospace facilities of all types.

What is covered


Our expertise and experience mean we are able to provide specific insurance solutions to address virtually any aviation-related risk. We help our clients manage the financial impact of their losses, using the most cost efficient policies whilst also maintaining the security of the hull of the aircraft.
Aircraft Hull & Liability

  • Hull physical loss or damage
  • Spares
  • Passenger & third party legal liability
  • Passenger baggage liability
  • Cargo legal liability

Hull Deductible
We offer a broad range of products in addition to the 
traditional deductible coverage on offer:

  • Excess aggregate protection
  • Multi-year policies
  • Non-traditional and blended risk transfer products
  • Deductible insurance options including mechanical breakdown and engine lease-in insurance
  • Captive reinsurance and co-insurance programmes.

Products & Airports

Our insurance policies are bought by airframe, engine and component manufacturers, air traffic control providers, local and major airport operators, ground handlers, security providers and the service companies working at the airports.

Product Liability

  • Legal liability of manufacturers of airframes and engines as well as suppliers of minor components.
  • Grounding and working parties liability.
  • Hull and liability cover for the aircraft component parts in their care and custody.

Airport Owners and Operators Liability

  • We design programmes to protect the individual airport operator’s specific risk.
  • The operator’s responsibilities may be limited to the premises exposure or it may cover every aspect of the operation.

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Facilities

  • We cover the facility’s premises, hangar keepers and products exposures either individually or in one policy.

Service Providers

  • All policies can be extended to include third party liability arising from the use of motor vehicles whilst airside.

General Aviation

We provide aerospace insurance cover for corporate aircraft owners and operations and both onshore and offshore helicopter operators. In the commercial operators arena we underwrite scheduled, charter and air taxi operators of jet and turboprop aircraft. Our helicopter coverage extends out to corporate and private operations as well as the commercial carriage of passengers and cargo.

Note that we do not cover gliders, ultralight aircraft, model aircraft or balloons.

Space and Satellite

In this highly technical specialist class, AIG is one of the most respected participants in the market. Our success has been built upon a wealth of experience and engineering based underwriting backed up by market leading capacity.

We protect Launch Service Providers and Satellite Owners/Operators for physical loss or damage during Launch, Post-Separation, Commissioning and In-Orbit Phases and also provide cover for Space Third Party Liability.

Product Summary:

  • Satellite Launch Vehicle Flight Risk
  • Satellite Launch Plus 1 Year In-Orbit
  • Satellite Launch Plus up to 10 Years In-Orbit
  • Launch Re-Launch Guarantee
  • Satellite Post-Separation Risk
  • Satellite In-Orbit Only
  • Space Third Party Liability

Loss Control Services

AIG policies are supported by a range of loss prevention and risk management tools and programmes. These ensure that our customers are provided with a sound foundation on which to build their own safety and operational risk management programmes. We work with our customers providing specific recommendations that focus on all aspects of their operations that help them to:

  • advance the safety of their aviation operations
  • reduce loss exposures
  • contribute to their own safety initiatives

Programmes and tools are delivered by our own in-house experts and selected third-party providers.