General- and Products Liability Insurance

General- and Products Liability Insurance

AIG is a leading global insurance company within liability insurance.  Our offerings can be tailor made to meet our customer’s varying insurance needs.

In every kind of business, it is important to have accurate insurance cover in case of liability claims resulting from daily business activities, both domestically and abroad.

What is General- and Products Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance provides coverage for 3rd party claims for damages.  Insurance cover is provided through two different modules: General Liability and Product Liability. 

General Liability Insurance provides financial protection against claims for damages resulting from personal injury or property damage as a result of operations/services performed by the insured company.

Products Liability Insurance provides financial protection against claims for damages resulting from personal injury or property damage as a result of a defective product manufactured, distributed or sold by the insured company.  

General- and Products Liability Insurance is often provided as a combined product, which gives financial protection against damages for both the services/operations performed and products manufactured/sold by the insured company.  In the event of an insured claim, AIG is involved during all steps of the process:  investigation, negotiation, court proceedings and, if necessary, payment for damages to the injured party.  


The coverage requirements of a liability insurance policy can vary widely depending on local regulations and the insured’s class of business.  Our goal is to offer flexible insurance solutions which can be adjusted based on our insured’s changing needs. AIG provides risk management services via our specialized risk engineers who work solely with liability risks.   

Swedish companies with global activities

As part of our endeavor to offer flexible insurance solutions, we are able to follow our customers throughout the world.  We offer the same close cooperation and high level service with an equally high quality of insurance cover in a majority of countries around the world.  We can offer local insurance policies based on good local standard, complying with local legislation and rules in the countries where business is conducted. 

What is included in the insurance cover

  • Investigation: our claims adjusters investigate if there is any liability for damages.
  • Legal proceedings: we represent the insured in legal proceedings
  • Costs: we pay the litigation cost or arbitration cost that the insured may incur or is obliged to pay.
  • Compensation: we pay the damages, in excess of the deductible, the insured is legally liable to pay.

Features & Bennefits

With our flexible liability insurance solutions in combination with service, claims handling and a unique international network, we are able to insure both smaller, domestic companies as well as multinational corporations within most classes of business. AIG offers:

  • A unique global reach which enables service and claims handling all over the world
  • Low policy limits for smaller companies as well as high policy limits for international companies
  • Issuing of local policies and administration of insurance premium taxes
  • Insurance cover can be provided for companies operating in or exporting to USA and Canada
  • Tailor made insurance solutions
  • Experienced underwriters, claims adjusters and risk engineers.

Who is it for

AIG’s liability insurance is designed for companies conducting a multitude of varying business operations, no matter if the operation is limited to Sweden or if it’s a multinational corporation with subsidiaries around the globe.