Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

The main feature of AIG’s accident insurance is its broad level of protection with minimal exemptions. The insurance is designed for companies and their staff and is particularly suitable for assisting people who have suffered personal injury as well as the employer. The insurance can also be taken out by associations, clubs and other organisations.

Most types of accident cases entail a whole chain of events and costs. Since the costs can be difficult to predict, it’s important to have a broad-based accident insurance policy.

A Global Presence

As the terrorist risk increases, so too does the company’s risk exposure with regard to personal injury. Our global presence is comprehensive and we pay compensation for claims around the world.  

Claims Service

Our loss adjusters also play an important advisory role for those insured with us when an injury occurs. Insured parties are not always familiar with all the details in the insurance agreement. Our loss adjusters are on hand to guide those taking out insurance through the whole claims process.  

Emergency assistance

We are mindful of the fact that certain claims require a highly specialised handling and that in certain situations it is important to receive emergency help quickly. We use selected international assistance firms to give our customers precisely this.  

What is covered

Features and Benefits

  • Medical expenses 
  • Rehabilitation
  • Scars
  • Recovery after accident
  • Invalidity and death benefits 
  • Assault
  • Crisis therapy

Other features

  • Exemptions removed, such as alcohol, sports and high-risk activities.
  • The insurance can be taken out for both the duration of the activity and the full period.
  • Broadened definition of accident.
  • No excess.
  • High compensation amounts.

Who is it for

All small, midsized and large companies with employees. The isurance is also suitable for clubs, asociations and any type of organisation.

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