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Recent years have seen a rise of new specialisations and areas of expertise resulting in a swelling in the scope of activities that are qualified as professions. Whether they participate in a long established field or one arising from recent technological developments, all professionals face potential claims against them from a number of directions.

Today, the operational risks faced by the professional services community continue to grow. Companies and their employees face greater exposure arising from the provision of their services – and the potential perception that their guidance is unsatisfactory or even negligent. 

AIG has consistently offered our customers competitive pricing, broad coverage and significant levels of capacity. We have the appetite, experience and commitment to provide solutions to suit professional organisations, from the sole practitioner to the multi-national multi-disciplinary practice.

Cyber Insurance

Our cyber product covers the obvious and less obvious risks facing businesses that deal with electronic information.

Property Insurance

Insurance programmes focused on multinational, large domestic and upper middle market companies can be tailored to suit clients' needs anywhere in the world, while offering coverage against material damage and business interruption on a specified-perils or all-risk basis

Group Plus Business Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance service offers a broad and comprehensive protection while traveling with a generous compensation method.


Terrorism Insurance provides coverage for local and multinational businesses from any industry segment.