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AIG has a long and industry-recognised history of supporting and servicing the aviation sector. Whether the business’ activities relate to airport and ground operations, manufacturing and supply, general aviation or international airlines - we bring over 65 years of experience to the table.

Our deep understanding of the global aviation industry, creativity and sector-specific solutions help us work with our clients as a strategic partner for all aspects of aviation insurance and risk management. We have the expertise, creativity and ability to address virtually any industry related risk. Specialised claims and safety and loss control teams provide outstanding worldwide service to our insureds and their customers, whether helping resolve claims or preventing them from occurring.


AIG is dedicated to addressing the insurance and risk management needs of airlines, aircraft operations and aerospace facilities of all types. We've embraced this mission with consistency and ingenuity for more than 60 years.


Our range of environmental insurance solutions can address our client’s environmental exposures in a more comprehensive way and include costs that are directly associated to the business such as remediation or the business interruption as a result of that remediation as well as claims brought the business by others – even for environmental damage that’s not caused by pollution.

Cyber Insurance

Our cyber product covers the obvious and less obvious risks facing businesses that deal with electronic information.

Group Plus Business Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance service offers a broad and comprehensive protection while traveling with a generous compensation method.